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Keeper Of The Flame

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Give it up for rock'n'roll
Give it up for rock
Give it up for how it makes you feel
Give it up for vinyl days
Kicking back from school
Turn it up to make it
Real sweet

Give it up for rock'n'roll
Give it up for bob
Give it up for how it makes you see
Give it up for silvertone
Give it up for golden
Adolescent daydreams

Incidental incidents
Instrumental instruments
A plan evolves too grand to entertain
Monumental monuments
Sentimental sentiments
You could've been
The keeper of the flame

Incidental incidents
Instrumental instruments
Swallowed by the place from which you came
Sentimental sentiments
You should've been
The keeper of the flame

Give it up for summer days
Laying in the grass
Everything is happening in your head
You raise your fist up in the air
Clench your fist and say
Four more years and I'm outta here


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