25: The Very Best Of – Deluxe Edition [CD+DVD, Box set]

ActualitésLe groupe a-ha25: The Very Best Of - Deluxe Edition

L’édition limitée de l’ultime compilation de A-ha sortira le 4 octobre prochain en Angleterre en édition limitée avec un double CD albums + un DVD exclusif des clips incluant la toute première version du clip Take On me, appelée “Blue version”.

La liste comprendra :

Disc: 1
1. Take On Me
2. Blue Sky, The
3. Sun Always Shines On TV, The
4. Train Of Thought
5. Hunting High And Low
6. I’ve Been Losing You
7. Scoundrel Days
8. Swing Of Things, The
9. Cry Wolf
10. Manhattan Skyline
11. Living Daylights, The
12. Stay On These Roads
13. Touchy
14. There’s Never A Forever Thing
15. You Are The One
16. Blood That Moves The Body, The
17. Crying In The Rain
18. Early Morning
19. Slender Frame
20. I Call Your Name

Disc: 2
1. Move To Memphis
2. Dark Is The Night For All
3. Cold As Stone
4. Angel In The Snow
5. Shapes That Go Together
6. Summer Moved On
7. Minor Earth Major Sky
8. Sun Never Shone That Day, The
9. Velvet
10. Forever Not Yours
11. Lifelines
12. Did Anyone Approach You
13. Celice
14. Analogue
15. Cosy Prisons
16. Foot Of The Mountain
17. Nothing Is Keeping You Here
18. Shadowside
19. Butterfly Butterfly (The Last Hurrah)

Disc: 3 (DVD)
1. Take On Me
2. Sun Always Shines On TV, The
3. I’ve Been Losing You
4. Manhattan Skyline
5. Stay On These Roads
6. Crying In The Rain
7. Dark Is The Night For All
8. Move To Memphis
9. Shapes That Go Together
10. Angel In The Snow
11. Summer Moved On
12. Minor Earth Major Sky
13. Lifelines
14. Did Anyone Approach You
15. Velvet
16. Butterfly Butterfly (The Last Hurrah)
17. Take On Me

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early morning

summer moved on

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