‘Indian Ocean’ avec Magne F. et Cat Stevens

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ActualitésMagne Furuholmen'Indian Ocean' avec Magne F. et Cat Stevens

• Comme nous vous l’annoncions le 25 janvier dernier, Magne Furuholmen a participé aux côté de Yusuf Islam (plus connu sous le nom de Cat Stevens) à l’enregistrement d’un titre en hommage aux enfants victimes de Tsunami en Asie du Sud et plus précisément ceux de la province d’Aceh. Magne a joué du piano pour ce titre. Et bien nous apprenons aujourd’hui que le titre « Indian Ocean » sera disponible le 21 mars prochain en téléchargement sur le site officiel de Yusuk Islam. Prochainement plus d’informations…

Liens :
Site officiel de Yusuf Islam
Site français de Magne F.
Ecouter un extrait de 30 secondes du single

• Paroles de chansons :
It was a cold day in London,
Dark clouds rumbling,
Grabbed the yellow pages under the bed,
I noticed an ad it said,
‘Indian Summer’, ’10 Days of Wonder’,
‘Paradise is yours for £50!’
I thought to myself, ‘That’s it!’

Told the wife to pack the bag,
Forget about the plans we had
« We’re going east instead. »
She looked at me and shakes her head.
I said, « O now baby,
I know it sounds crazy,
But this may be the only chance we get.
We only get one life to live! »

So we grabbed the kids and some body-lotion
and we went to the middle of the
Indian Ocean

Our guide was there to meet us;
Welcome sign to greet us
Ten porters stood up like a wall
Carried our bags to the hall
The custom man smiled to me
Begs so politely
« Tell me sir, have you any more? »
I looked at him and said, « that’s all. »

They drove us to the beach house,
I said, « Is this all ours? »
They nodded and rolled out the bed
I turned to my wife and said,
« Ooh now honey, I guess it’s still sunny,
Let’s all go down for a dip
Before the sun sets. »

Suddenly I gazed up,
Upon the rising wave, I
Saw the sea drawn from the sand
I grabbed the wife and kids and ran.
« Please God! save us!
Please don’t blame us,
For this is the only life we have;
We’ll make it up if we were bad. »

The wave was a-pounding as we
scrambled up the mountain
No one even dared to turn their head
Just one slip and you’re dead!

As the waves were dying,
A child was crying
Searching for her mum and dad
A thin dress was all she had
She held us tight,
We looked far and wide
But nothing there…
There was nothing left
We all broke down and wept.

Then came the morning,
A New Year was born
The girl had been with us all night
My wife looked down at her and sighed:
« O my Darling! It’s suddenly dawning,
But just take a look at those eyes
She must be Paradise! »

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